She was nervous. She did it anyway.

boudoir, portrait, lingerie, sexy photo, empowerment, self love

Nervous to book a Boudoir Session? Read below and learn more about the process and experience and get excited!

I was recently asked…”ok, so how do we do this?”

Booking a Boudoir Session is the first step to celebrating all of your awesomeness! Let me explain what’s involved in taking your first step 🙂

I have no idea how long this woman had been considering a Boudoir Session. In hindsight, during our initial phone call, I should have asked. Next time.

boudoir, portrait, lingerie, sexy photo, empowerment, self love

With that question, I realized, it’s clearly not obvious how to book a session with me. I don’t have online booking set up on my website for a few reasons.

  1. My schedule and availability is extremely variable. I see that as a great thing, as I am able to tailor my availability based on you!
  2. I like to talk before booking to ensure we a great fit for each other. Boudoir photography is very much like a sped up, intimate relationship. We need to be very comfortable with each other, to have a successful and beautiful photo session. There are a few reasons that stand out when it comes to us working together as a team to create an experience you will cherish.
    • editing expectations
    • styled session with an expectation of me having an extensive wardrobe (which I don’t have)
    • general personality and vibe
    • style of session and extensive set options vs minimal set and more of a focus on authentic portraits
  3. I like to talk about session expectations in person (over the phone), to ensure I can provide the experience you are hoping for.
stilettos, boudoir, lingerie, sexy, black and white, intimate, self love

So…how do you book with me?

  1. You can always e-mail to set up an initial consultation call
  2. You can DM on my Teira Ferris Photography Instagram
  3. You can DM on TikTok at Teira Ferris Photography

No secrets here…what you can expect to invest

I know some photographers like to speak on the phone first prior to sharing the investment of a session. To that I say, you do you. I prefer to be completely up front on the investment in yourself. It makes me personally nutty not seeing prices upfront for services or products that I want. If I can’t afford it right now, at least I know what to save and budget for and then reach out when it’s in my budget.

Even if something is not in my budget today, doesn’t mean I won’t invest in it, I just need to save. I thoroughly believe you get what you pay and if you need to save up, then do that. You ALWAYS save in the long run when you invest in the service or product you really want the first time.

We have all been there. We buy a lesser quality item in the hopes it will meet all the expectations of the more valuable product. It very rarely works that way, right? What comes to mind immediately for you, that you won’t skimp on price? For me it’s Heinz Ketchup. There are no suitable substitutes in my mind, lol.

If you are ready to check the investment, head over to my website and check the investment tab. No surprises. Hair and makeup is not included in my packages but I have a couple wonderful MUA’s (Make Up Artists), that I definitely can point you to that I have worked with in the past and they do beautiful work. Estimate an additional $100 ish for that extra service. It’s certainly not necessary if you want to book a natural session, but if you are looking for a little more glam, we can talk about that too.

boudoir, corset, sexy, intimate, self love, confidence

What’s next after you reach out?

I will send you a link to a private Blog Post (password protected), that goes over ALL the next steps from what to expect, how to plan what to wear, how to prep for the Big Day and what to expect post session for selecting your images, turn around time and potential Wall Art or custom Album you may want to purchase to celebrate your session for a lifetime.

Unsure where to start with what to wear and how to pick your outfits? I’ve got you there too. Click the link to get a FREE Lingerie Guide to make planning even less stressful and even more fun!

Spoiler alert….there is homework after you book. It’s fun homework! Think Pinterest Inspiration Board 🙂

Hopefully this helps to guide you towards booking your Boudoir Session.

Remember, you don’t have to book right away. You can DM me and ask for more information and get to learn more about me and if I’m a good fit for you. That’s what our initial call is for. A little meet and greet with no expectations.

Finally…most common question. “Will you be sharing my private photos online?” NEVER without your signed consent. EVER! I do offer additional images at a discounted rate for any photos you are open to me sharing. Every photo is a choice. It’s not an all or nothing consent.

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

Here’s hoping everything you do, you do with gumption.


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