Want to learn start up tips for scroll stopping Professional Selfies?

Taking eye catching Professional Selfies will capture the attention of you potential customers, trust me.

We have all heard the phrase, people like to buy from businesses (or sole owners), that they know, like and trust.

You may never meet your customer in person. Especially if you sell your products or services online.

More than ever, having a strong online presence where your customers can build a “virtual relationship” with you is so important.

Be the face of your brand

No matter what your product or service is, being the face of your brand is easier than ever. It is likely that you reading this post on your phone. Am I right? It actually feels weird to be typing at my kitchen table on my laptop. 95% of all my internet usage is on my phone or iPad.

You don’t need a fancy camera to get started with Professional Selfies. All you really need is a Smartphone, a tripod or something to prop your phone on, and an awareness of the light around you.

I don’t want to mislead you…95% of my Professional Selfies are taken with my professional camera. I am able to be more creative and intentional with my camera and editing software, but you don’t need any of that to get started.

You also don’t need an “Instagram staged” home for kicka$$ photos either. If you are like me and prefer to keep the inside of your home private, I get that!

How to take Professional Selfies in your living room and stay private

The photos below were taken in my home with a simple background (link is here to my IG, check out the highlight bubble called DIY V-flat) and some fabric I grabbed in the cheap bin at my local Fabric Store. If you really want to elevate your Professional Selfies, you could always rent an AirBnb, l like I did for this session, and partner with other local entrepreneurs and make a day of it together. There are no limits, except the ones you create. Get creative and think outside your four walls. Maybe you even have a friend that would be cool with you using a space in their home to take photos. You don’t know if you don’t ask.

Light is the most important thing to consider

Where ever you choose to take your Professional Selfies, the most important factor to consider is lighting. You don’t want harsh sun in your eyes, making you squint or creating shadows or light spots. Even light is the goal. If you are in a living room with a big window (like the ones below), you just need to draw the shears to diffuse the light and pull back a little from the window so it isn’t too bright.

There are so many tips I could share, but just one more for now…

Experiment with light and dark backgrounds

Play around with light backgrounds and darker clothes, dark background and lighter clothes and then try light background with light clothes and dark with dark. See what you like best! For this, make your own rules.

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