My personal use of presets vs filters. Filters can absolutely be fun, harmless and playful…they can also create a false sense of “beautiful”. Use with caution and prioritize self acceptance every time.

Nervous to book a Boudoir Session? Read below and learn more about the process and experience and get excited! I was recently asked…”ok, so how do we do this?” Booking a Boudoir Session is the first step to celebrating all of your awesomeness! Let me explain what’s involved in taking your first step 🙂 I […]

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Taking eye catching Professional Selfies will capture the attention of you potential customers, trust me. We have all heard the phrase, people like to buy from businesses (or sole owners), that they know, like and trust. You may never meet your customer in person. Especially if you sell your products or services online. More than […]

Where do we begin? As we journey through this magical thing called life, it is common for our confidence to waver and for us to question our worthiness and confidence and relevance. Especially when perimenopause and menopause are coming for us, hard. However, there is a powerful tool that can help us reclaim our confidence […]

Setting clear intentional goals is the key to living your best life. By defining what you want and creating a roadmap, you’ve got this! It’s a new year and a traditional time to talk about goal setting and getting clear with your intentions. However, if you a reading this after January in any given year, […]

Picture this (pun intented, lol) You have been asked to update your work profile with a photo of yourself, and you start scrolling for a photo in your phone that you love enough to share with your colleagues, and you are struggling to find the “perfect” photo. First, you aren’t alone in the epic quest […]

Word of the year or New Year’s resolution. Which team are you on?

Give yourself grace, compassion, love and rest

Consider a photo experience for your next team building event.

Boudoir sessions…are they just a photoshoot in your lingerie lying on a bed in a sexy pose? Oh hell no! They are so much more than that. They are an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. To get dolled up, put on the outfit that makes you feel badass and sexy and shock […]


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