A reminder to go easy on yourself

Vulnerable post alert…

The last few months have been anything but easy, and I am feeling every bit like I am about to turn 49. I am the poster child for what feels like all menopause symptoms and it’s not easy. It’s been a rough rollercoaster.

As my body freaks out and hates me, it’s been a challenge to give myself grace, love and patience.

When I really didn’t want to, I forced myself to show up and to appreciate where I am right now. So I got my hair done and stepped in front of my camera.

Let me tell you, culling through the images was humbling. In most of the images, I didn’t do a great job at proportions and angles and expression. I was feeling heavy, defeated and frustrated.

It took a few days to look at the photos again with a more forgiving attitude.

When I tell my boudoir clients that I understand their apprehension and anxious feelings, I really do. Women are hard on themselves and it’s sad. We really need to be compassionate to ourselves. Especially when our bodies and hormones change.

Say it with me…I promise to give myself grace, movement, healthy food, love, compassion and rest.

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