Do you want the best possible sleep?

OK, not a photography post, but more of self care share.

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I haven’t sleeping well. Actually I would say my sleep has been freaking awful.

The hot flashes still wake me up, but I quickly reset with my EmbrWave2 heating and cooling device. Check this post for details on this, especially if hot flashes are attacking you.

Watch on one wrist, EmbrWave 2 on the other

It’s not just the hot flashes that wake me up. I have been struggling lately with carpal tunnel issues in both wrists. From what I can determine, it’s mostly when I curl my hands in when I sleep, my neck position, and when I roll onto my stomach.

I mentioned the tingling fingers to my Chiropractor who recommended sleeping onmy back and try to keep my wrists in a neutral position. Well…I’m not a back sleeper and although I tried, I just couldn’t do it.

I would fuss all night with my pillows, my position, my wrists, my hot flashes. Needless to say…sleeping sucked.

Finally, I took my Chiropractors advice and splurged for a water pillow. Well holy shit. It was immediately better. I slept so well the first night, and then also the next night, and the next. It’s been a week, and only a few times I have been woken up by tingling wrists. Truth be told, the only time my wrists tingle now is when I roll onto my stomach. You would think I would learn not to…but every now and then I can’t help myself.

The pillow from my Chiropractors office

I got my pillow at the Chiropractor, but from what I can tell…this pillow on Amazon is the same. I used the recommended 3 litres of water to start. I haven’t had to add or remove any water. My neck sits beautifully with that amount and as I turn my head the water cradles my neck perfectly.

This has improved not only my sleep, but also my neck pain in the morning and stiffness throughout the day is way better.

The hot flashes still wake me, but the EmbrWave 2 gets me back to sleep quickly

Clearly, this is my personal opinion only and if you have back pain or tingling in your wrists, don’t rely on my recommendation for anything more than my opinion. See your doctor or chiropractor and find a solution that will work best for you.

Let me know if you have a water pillow and what you think?

If you don’t have one yet…I give it two very aggressive thumbs up.

Sleep tight. Xo

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