A unique way to show appreciation

Are you an Entrepreneur? Maybe an employee of a small business owner. Maybe an employee of a large corporation?

It doesn’t really matter where you work, what you do and how you do it. What matters is you feel valued for your contribution, right?

I recently had the opportunity to be the Portrait Photographer for a small business in Kingston, ON. New Path Spa.

The owner, Magdalena Sosin-Tran, wanted to provide her team with a unique experience for team building this summer. Now, what I recognize, is there are SO MANY amazing experiences she could have offered her team, but she picked a photography experience with me!

For that I am so grateful. They could have gone to a Blue Jays game in Toronto, a theatre production in Toronto, a wine tour in Prince Edward County, a boat cruise in the 1000 Islands. But not this year. This year she picked a self love and true appreciation day for her team. Hair, makeup, and a photo session at the end of the day.

In 2020, I took a Coursera Course on the Science of Well Being, and although I no longer remember the specific stats, “experiences” are more valuable than “things”. Since you look forward to them, you enjoy them in real time, and then you remember the fun you had after.

I believe photography experiences are a perfect example of this. So much fun planning and prepping what to wear. Then the pampering immediately before. Followed by the experience itself. To close the adventure, you are given beautiful images to remind you of the day and how beautiful you are.

If you are a Small Business owner, consider this experience an investment in your team. A fun team building event. This is also a great way to incorporate branding photos for your social media and website.

Think of a unique location that is accessible for all. Then bring in the services of local businesses like New Path Spa for a little spruce up, your favourite hair stylist for a blow out and if budget allows, encourage everyone to shop local for a new outfit or accessory.

For this experience, a boho theme was chosen with long grass and flowers and cute dresses.

Others themes could include more urban with buildings and streets, maybe rural farm (if you have access to farmland and animals). Whatever you want to do for your team, we can come up with ideas in our pre session consultation. Location, what to wear, time of day, all of it we can plan together.

Do you have your summer team building event on the calendar?

Special packages available for on-location sessions. Contact me for details. Special rate for Monday to Thursday evening sessions.

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