Classic style for Boudoir Photography

Fingers crossed that because you are here, you are considering a Boudoir Experience.

I would be honoured to be your Photographer. I do mean honoured. It’s a big deal picking a Boudoir Photographer. Click HERE to learn more about the factors in play to choosing your photographer.

My style is quite simple. The main focus to me is you! It’s less about props and styling for me, and more about your confidence, expression and comfort.

There is something very sexy and classic about black and white Boudoir images.

All sessions will include black and white options, but if black and white for your entire gallery is what you want, let me know. There is a way to shoot specifically so black and white images pack the most punch.

Clients that are looking for anonymous wall art for their home, are usually drawn to black and white images. Before we start our session, we will find out how you want to be photographed. After all…it’s all about you!

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