3 things to know about your photographer

So! The time is right! You made a goal for yourself in whatever transformation category is important to you. Now it’s time for your “Manicure Milestone”. In this case, your reward is going to be a Boudoir Session.

GREAT! I’m so excited for you. This is a BIG DEAL. Booking a Boudoir session isn’t the same as scheduling a photoshoot with the family for Thanksgiving or Christmas Card photos.

It’s a celebration of something you have achieved or accomplished and that’s a VERY big deal. I get it. Investing in experiences is typically reserved for “family” events or you put all your discretionary spend into someone or something else. Booking a session can absolutely get you to continue on to the next milestone, and is no less important than the bigger “family experiences”. You deserve it. Repeat that in your head and say it out loud. I deserve this.

When I think about booking a session for myself a few things come up as being “deal breaker” for selecting a photographer. As a photographer, I think it’s important to share what those “deal breakers” are for me, in case it help you decide on a Photographer for you.

I will add the top 3 here…there are likely more, so there mighty be a part 2 to this blog post.

1. Do you vibe with their style?

If all of their images that they have approval to share online are dark and moody, but you prefer more of a light, bright carefree style…they may not be the photographer for you.

A photographer’s style is something unique to them. They have put hours and hours into refining their craft. It’s not just about grabbing a camera and getting a photo in focus. Lighting, angles, expression all factor into the vibe.

If someone has refined their “vibe” as dark and moody, light and bright likely won’t be something they can create with mastery like their honed in style.

2. What is the photographers editing style?

Do they share the same editing philosophy that you do? Maybe the photographer is adamant on heavy airbrushing, nip and tucking with photoshop but you like a more natural edit showing your natural beauty. After all, you need to recognize the woman in the photo, right? Or maybe it’s the opposite.

Maybe you are hoping for some body editing and refined sculpting of different features, and your photographer believes in natural beauty and posing for the most flattering angles. Either is totally cool. To each their own, but it’s important to know and be aligned to ensure the final product matches what you have in mind. After all, it’s your investment.

3. Can you relate to the Photographer?

This might immediately take you to “are we the same age, gender?” “Do we both have or don’t have kids?” That stuff doesn’t matter. What matters is can you relate to them as a photographer.

At this point if you are “shopping around” for your Boudoir Photographer I assume you follow your options online on IG, Pinterest or maybe even in a FB Group.

Does their brand message speak to you? It really doesn’t matter what their brand message is, as long as you can relate. Do they regularly share images, GIF’S or quotes that make you like, comment and share, or do they share things that make you want to unfollow, scroll fast or cringe?

We are ALL different, and no one is going to be one size fits all for everyone, but ask yourself…would I like to be friends with this photographer outside of the photo experience? Do they make me laugh, or inspire me? Can I see them being an important part of my transformation journey? Whatever that journey may be.

Boudoir sessions are unique and very intimate. If you don’t relate to the photographer you have chosen, you may have a hard time relaxing, going with the flow and really embracing the experience. You need to be sure you are going to be comfortable with them in whatever state of undress you decide to be photographed in.

Oh…that leads me to a bonus point.

4. Level of Sexiness

As a Boudoir photographer, I also need to articulate my level of comfort and my style so I don’t disappoint any clients. I don’t photograph couples. I don’t photograph bondage. It’s just not my style. I can certainly appreciate wanting to share the experience with your special someone, I just don’t feel I am the right person to pose, light and photograph that experience and I’m comfortable saying that. I would never want to agree to provide an exceptional level of service or product, that I knew I couldn’t deliver.

I really hope if you read to the bottom of this post, it’s because you are looking to book a Boudoir Experience.

As much as I hope you and I will work together soon, if I don’t match the Top 3 (bonus 4) points above…thank you for getting to know me better. I am happy to help find you a photographer that fits your style and shares your energy.

If you vibe with my style, I’m a text, email, DM away from talking to you about how you want to be photographed and I know we will have the best time. Expect a lot of laughs. Boudoir sessions are not as sexy as the final images, trust me. LOL. I’m with you all the way.

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