Never, ever say never!

A couple weeks ago you may have read that Nordstrom Canada was closing all of their doors. This may mean nothing to you if you don’t live in an Urban City, or don’t shop at Nordstrom.

I have never, ever stepped foot inside a Nordstrom. I am more of a Costco shopper than a big designer department store Gal, but I absolutely believe to each his/her own.

So, I get the text from a friend letting me know they are closing their doors. I don’t really care, but I jump online to check our their website (again, for the first time). I am admittedly shoe obsessed, and really, buying shoes online is pretty safe. I’m a size 6 barefoot, 6.5 in light socks and 7 in a winter wooly sock. It’s that easy.

So I am online browsing and find a pair of boots that make me stop my scroll and I was frozen. Staring at the most beautiful pair of leather teal boots I have ever seen. And teal is my favourite accessory colour, so really…this blog post should simply end with…”i clicked buy-now” and they have arrived.

But nope. It’s complicated.

My obsession with gorgeous shoes is dampened by my frugal “do I really need them” internal nagging. So I click….”add to cart” and stay there.

This is where the story turns sad.

I jump onto FB, in my Ladies Only Photography Group and post a picture and ask the question…”Can I live without these?” It was a resounding no, so I made a plan in my head to pull the trigger after I slept on it for a night.

The very next day, not 2-3 days later, the NEXT DAY I go onto and get the message, online shopping ENDED YESTERDAY!!!! This can’t be happening. I know I am being dramatic, but now that I CAN’T buy them, the shoe obsession is escalating out of control. I feel my FOMO hitting the highest peak.

I reel in my disappointment and chalk it up to “it’s not meant to be” and go back to last nights thread and let the Ladies in my life know I missed out on the coolest pair of boots that I know would have made me very happy. Epic disappointment. I know I’m being dramatic and it’s just shoes…but it’s my story…

Later that day I tag a couple of Ottawa friends and casually ask them if they are popping into the Rideau Centre location to check out deals, if they would just check in person for me. A great friend popped in a few days later and they only had a 7.5 left. She went as far as trying them on to see if they fit small. They didn’t, so she sent me the disappointing text that validated what I knew. It wasn’t meant to be.

A couple days go by and I am still obsessing over these dumb boots. I went WAY out on a limb and sent a couple texts to some lady colleagues in Toronto that may have a Nordstrom in their regular travels and maybe they would pop in. I know…I’m borderline crazy for these boots at this point, but it was worth a shot.

Both ladies replied they don’t, and my sadness was starting to diminish into full blown defeat.

And then, they both suggested reaching out to a couple fellas that I barely know, as they both have a Nordstrom in their regular travels. This was an absolute long shot, but I sent them both a photo of the boots and the size and casually asked if they had a second to pop in and see if they had any.


A fella colleague, who I have NEVER met in person, or even spoken to on the phone sent me a picture the following day of the Teal boots, in my size and he shipped them to me the same day!

This is a story to say “never say never”. Anything worth having is worth finding a way to have. I would have given up eventually, I think, lol.

It’s a great week and I thoroughly believe everything happens for a reason and I was meant to own these boots. They make me very happy and the story makes me even happier. I believe I manifested these boots to come to me. What else can I manifest?



  1. Tanya Newell says:

    Love love love this story and the power of manifestation🫶

  2. Sarah cook says:

    That’s so crazy awesome! What a story… And they really are pretty!

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