3 reasons why you should book a portrait session for your High School Graduate

The excitement of High School Graduation is right around the corner. The hopes. The dreams. The hard work it has taken to make it through all the years of elementary and high school finally to reach that final year. The year when everything changes.

The first HUGE milestone to celebrate as your graduate launches into their first stage of adulthood. They made it!

Top 3 reasons why I think Graduation Portraits are a MUST.

1. They made it through extremely tough years. I’m sure the pressure I went through in High School comes no where close to the pressure our Grads of today go through. I didn’t even take computers in high school…I think it was offered in my final year, but it was new and how was I to know it was going to be a future life requirement, LOL. The pressure today with social media and “perfection” all around is exhausting and I am confident that is amplified as you are still learning who you are and what you want out of life. So celebrate the fact that your grad made it this far and has their own unique story to tell.

2. I believe in celebrating everyone in their own unique way. Instagram, TikTok and every other “cool” app has everyone doing the exact same dances, the same lip sync videos…let your graduate be seen in photos celebrating their unique style. It’s their time to celebrate who they are right now. Celebrating unique style in photos can really elevate personal confidence and that will go a LONG way as your grad is catapulted into their adulthood.

3. Your Grad is growing up. The last couple years have been pretty messed up and not at all like the high school years you see in movies. There were restrictions on how they could socialize, how many people they could socialize with, could they hug their friends, could they not. It’s been exhausting for all of us, but I can only imagine how crappy it would have been to miss out on doing high school events and celebrations. Your Grad deserves an opportunity to shine in portraits that remind them this is their moment to shine and sparkle. It’s a HUGE accomplishment and one that your Grad should look back on with photos that commemorate who they are today. Who knows, their next professional photos might be Corporate Head Shots for a new job or maybe Engagement/Wedding Photos. This moment is theirs, right now.

I’m happy to talk about custom sessions that showcase your grad and how they want to be photographed. No cookie cutter, pre-fabricated sessions. It’s all customized. I will help with location, what to wear, what to bring, how to prep…but not without talking to you and your grad and knowing what will make them shine and sparkle. This moment is all about them.

I am currently booking weekday evenings, starting 2 hours before sunset. With the days getting longer later, that leaves lots of time for a little personal pampering before the session.

If you know a Grad from 2020/2021 or 2022, please share this with them, and ask them to message me to set up a consultation call. No commitment required. Let’s talk about how we can capture this exceptional moment in time.

A few examples of the types of sessions we can do, can be found here:1

1. Private Property

2. On your farm

3. With your horse

Message me from my website: www.teiraferris.com

DM me directly from Instagram: www.instagram.com/teiraferrisphotography

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