Want to take your photos from decent to good, or even good to great? There is so much more than a high end smartphone with a “good” camera, when it comes to taking great photos. I’m sure you have heard it be said…your photos are really great, you must have a really good camera. A […]

So, after being completely captivated by the Genre of Boudoir, I knew I needed to learn more technical aspects of Photography. At some point I started to follow Amy and Jordan Demos. A husband and wife Wedding Photographer Duo from Arizona. Maybe it was Instagram, but I think it may have been a FB ad […]

Awesome!!!! Now is a great time to get off of Automatic and start to get the pictures you want, not the pictures your camera takes for you! Your creativity will be endless once you grasp a few concepts. Look through your viewfinder. See that ruler looking thing? That’s your exposure meter. You want the exposure […]


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