You are one step closer to creating scroll stopping self portraits

Inspire There it is. My word for 2022. If you have been here for awhile checking out these entries, you’ll know my word for 2021 came to me at 11:45pm on NYE. It was JOY! I did my very best all year to keep JOY in my mind and heart as I navigated, like everyone, […]

When I look at these most recent photos of myself, I don’t just see pretty photos. I see a confident woman that has worked hard and studied for MANY hours on posing, lighting, expression, composition and manual settings to get these images. I also see a woman that has worked hard to design a life […]

books I read for inspiration

Want to take your photos from decent to good, or even good to great? There is so much more than a high end smartphone with a “good” camera, when it comes to taking great photos. I’m sure you have heard it be said…your photos are really great, you must have a really good camera. A […]

A few tips on how to remove the stress of planning your outfits for a photo sesion

Guide to Scroll Stopping Self Portraits

As Ontario closes out what is hopefully the final Lockdown, I wanted to celebrate by offering a Sunset Session as a GIVEAWAY in May (valued at $450). I am so excited to meet new people, share laughs and share stories. This is going to be so fun and I can’t wait to shoot this session […]

Every spring I look forward to sitting on the couch and watching my birds all come back, usually one at a time. I’m lucky to have a few birds at my feeder year round, but the Spring birds add a punch of colour and variety. Let me introduce you to a few of my favourite […]

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