Lazy Sunday

It’s a windy, miserable Spring Day. Wouldn’t be super chilly if it wasn’t for the winds. Got out early to clean out the flower gardens before the rain came. The rest of the day as quickly turned into a very lazy Sunday.

This is the first weekend EVER I have seen the Cardinal at my bird feeder. If he and she ever came close, it was to the ground below the feeder to eat the pick overs from the Blue Jays and Grackles.

I set up my tripod yesterday because the Cardinals popped by briefly. Today they kept coming and I refused to leave my perch on the couch until I got the perfect shot. I’m feeling great about these, but more to come.

I have many more to edit, as they came back again after I processed these.

We didn’t just have visits from the Cardinals. Blue Jays, Grackles and Mourning Doves were also all lining up at the Restaurant today.

The Woodpecker came fashionable late, so he’ll get his moment in the spotlight another time.

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