Happy Easter ♥️

Here I am on 31 days of self quarantine and it’s Easter Sunday. A day normally spent gathering with friends and neighbours.

Today I am cooking a 15 pound turkey (that’s the size that was in the freezer), and wishing for just today this wasn’t happening.

But…it is. I’ve already called my Mom three times asking for turkey help. 45 years old, and still calling my Mom. For all my Mom friends…it never stops

Wet stuffing

Do you like wet stuffing or dry? I could take or leave both, but Mom insists it improves the overall flavor of the bird, so I stuffed this sucker.

Next question…to cover in bacon or no?

Always yes! Everything is better covered and wrapped in bacon

Wish me luck????

Happy Easter to all and hoping you find some joy and creativity for making this a great Easter with whoever you share a roof with during this super messed up time. If you are home alone, hopefully you are able to connect with friends and family wherever they may be.


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